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"Great sound and stability"

Click HERE to compare ERSE’s XQ coils to other manufacturers. You will be able to see the difference and we guarantee you will hear it to!

ERSE’s XQ line of air core coils are revered as one of the most musically accurate coils on the market today. Each XQ Coil starts with heavy insulated OFC copper wire featuring ERSE’s exclusive PURITY GUARANTEE. The heavy insulation offers a high dielectric constant between the windings and layers, while the purity guarantee insures musical accuracy. Each XQ coil is manufactured with orthocyclic tooling built to Wheelers formula and highly precise computerized winders featuring hysteresis tension devices. ERSE’s precision equipment allows us to offer highly accurate coils insuring that each coil is as equally matched as possible.

We proudly state that we are the only manufacturer in the audio industry using computer controlled hysteresis tension devices. Most of our competitors utilize mechanical tension devices and hand winders. The difference is that ERSE can tightly control the tension which maintains the high crystalline cell structure of the copper wire. Our competitor’s mechanical devices offer inconsistent tension which will stretch the wire and break the crystalline cell structure reducing its musical accuracy.

After winding each coil is varnish impregnated in which all oxygen is removed and replaced with a high strength impervious varnish. The technique virtually eliminates any microphonic distortion caused by frequency modulation. Only our XQ line of coils goes through this extensive manufacturing process and can claim to offer such a high level of quality.

All XQ inductors are lead free (RoHS Compliant)

This Series of Product is RoHS Compliant
click here for a certification of compliance
  • Computer Optomized Coil
    Utilizing Wheeler Formula
  • 4 Wire Ties and Varnish Encapsulation
  • Linear A.C. Resistance
  • Constant Inductance with
    Voltage and Current Variation
  • Very Low Microphonic Distortion
  • No Saturation Distortion
  • No Hysteresis Distortion
  • RoHS Compliant RoHS Compliant

  • Tolerance: ± 1% centered on nominal value
  • Electrical Conductivity 101.5%
  • Temperature Range: -25°C to 85°C
  • Insulation Temperature: 155°C
  • 87% Winding Space Factor
  • Very Low D.C.R.
  • Low Skin Effect Losses
  • Low A.C. Resistance
  • Low Self Capacitance
  • 99.99% High Purity Copper