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Pro SPx Polypropylene Speaker Box  
ERSE’s SPx boxes achieve a level of professional quality that can only be found in commercial speaker boxes costing thousands of dollars. ERSE’s SPx boxes are made of tough polypropylene with extra thick ribbing to prevent vibration. The input panel is made of 2mm thick powder coated steel with reinforced ribs to easily withstand repeated rigging. A sealing gasket has been added to further prevent cabinet vibrations and external air leaks.

The ERSE SPX boxes include 4 ports and port covers which can be used to fine tune your design for maximum performance. You can cover all 4 ports with the covers to produce a sealed box. The SPx boxes also include a built in handle for easy transportation and are built to last gig after gig and night after night.

Each ERSE SPx Speaker Box includes woofer and horn mounting hardware, metal speaker grill, adapter ring for horn driver, and monitor stands. Each speaker box is professionally packaged with care. SPx Speaker boxes are fully customizable with ERSE components.

Buy it today and get ROCKIN' tomorrow.

  • Includes speaker grill and screws
  • Fits most 15" and 12" woofers
  • Four port covers included for easy tuning
  • Flyable mounting holes on the top and bottom
  • Includes floor monitor stands
  • Includes complete hardware for woofer mounting and multiple horn mounting configurations
  • RoHS Compliant RoHS Compliant