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Pulse X
Pulse X Capacitor - Click to Enlarge
ERSE’s Pulse X caps are a premium audiophile grade capacitor designed for quick transient response and ultimate musical performance. Every attention to detail was put into the PulseX capacitor line to insure premium performance.

A premium grade of “defect free” aluminum metallized polypropylene film was chosen from an industry leading film supplier. Specially designed German winding machines with tension feedback control allow for precision repeatability during manufacturing. This industry first technique allows us to virtually eliminate mircrophonics and obtain a tight ± 3% tolerance, with virtually no scrap.

Pulse X quality continues; all leads are lead free (RoHS Compliant), oxygen free 99.99% pure copper. Each lead is attached to the body of the capacitor with ultrasonic welding. To further reduce equivalent series resistance and improve long term reliability, the leads are then soldered with lead free silver solder. PulseX caps are then wrapped in flame proof polyester tape and the ends are epoxy filled. Before final packing, each PulseX cap is tested with certified premium quality Wayne Kerr capacitance bridges to insure a ±3% tolerance centered on the nominal value.

The PulseX caps display signs of a near perfect capacitor. Total harmonic and IMD distortion and phase distortion are virtually immeasurable, while all losses are near zero in every aspect.

PulseX caps will allow your music to be accurate and uncolored in every way.

This Series of Product is RoHS Compliant
click here for a certification of compliance
  • Short body – quick transient design
  • Welded and hand soldered leads
  • Very Low Dielectric absorption factor
  • Very Low dissipation factor
  • Very Low ESR
  • Very Low Inductance
  • Excellent handling of high current audio pulses
  • RoHS Compliant RoHS Compliant

  • Tolerance: ± 3% centered on nominal value
  • Dissipation Factor: .001 to .0001 (see details)
  • Dielectric Absorption Factor: = 100,000 MOHM
  • Temperature Range: -25C° to 85C°
  • Dielectric Thickness:
    MPX25 = 4µm
    MPX40 = 5µm
    MPX63 = 6µm
  • Metal Layer Thickness:
    MPX25 = 0.03µm
    MPX40 = 0.04µm
    MPX63 = 0.02µm