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SuperQ - Premium Magnetic Core
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IXQ - Laminated Steel Core
IQ - Laminated Steel Core
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ERSE manufactures the finest audio coils in the world today! This is evident in the fine “Q” series of coils listed on the right that we manufacture for the world’s finest quality speaker manufacturers. This is a bold statement, but with our 42 years of experience we are confident that you will not find a better audio coil anywhere; not Germany, not Denmark, not China, nor the USA. Quite simply put if you want the best sound from your system your choice should be none other than ERSE’s Q line of coils.

Quality coils begin with quality components. All of our “Q” series offer our PURITY GUARANTEE. This states that we will not manufacture any “Q” series coils unless the wire meets 99.99% pure copper and meets the criteria of oxygen free. Our wire is made from CDA 101 copper cathode while most of our competitors wire is made from CDA 110 or less, which is a lower grade of wire commonly used in lamp cord and can offer a purity level as low as 97.3%! We constantly monitor our wire purity by sampling production and have it tested at a metallurgic lab to insure it is made from CDA 101 oxygen free copper; this is our guarantee.

Stacked against our competitors, ERSE stands out as the best. As many of quality manufacturers do; we compare our products against our competitors to insure that we are offering a higher level of quality at a competitive price. During a recent sampling we sent our coils and some of our competitor’s coils to an independent metallurgic lab for a review of copper purity. Not to our surprise our standards met the CDA 101 requirement mentioned above, but to our surprise one of our competitors in Denmark had only a purity level of 97.9% and other European competitors had purity levels of 99.1%. This low purity creates the weakest link in your sound system. Imagine a non distorted music note leaves your amplifier at the speed of electrons. It travels about 10 feet down your high quality speaker cable and to your speaker where it then meets about 300 feet of low purity copper coil wire. Your musical note has just been compromised due to a lower purity of copper which decreases the electrical conductivity. DEMAND uncompromising quality; insure your system is built with ERSE’s “Q” line of coils with the PURITY GUARANTEE.

ERSE’s pursuit audio perfection continues with quality ferromagnetic materials. We use only the world’s finest quality ferromagnetic material in our “cored” coils while most of our competitors are using typical silicon 29 gauge silicon steel. ERSE’s only sources the finest grades of micro thin (32 gauge) grain oriented silicon steel come from Japan. This level of quality provides higher saturation levels lower eddy currents and very low THD. We stand behind our level of quality of our “Q” coils by offering you our THD Test Drive. We are so confident that we offer the best quality cored coils in the world that we put together THD Test Drive videos, where you can view our distortion curves verses the competition. Take a THD Test Drive on our Super Q, and IXQ coils today and compare for yourself.

Quality second to none at a sensible price, that’s the ERSE philosophy! This is where ERSE’s 42 years of combined experience and knowledge really sets us ahead of all of our competitors. All of our “Q” series of coils are wound with orthocyclic computerized coil winders with feedback hysteresis tension devices. This high tech equipment allows for precision layering control to .0003” tolerance. The hysteresis tension control allows for precise tension control of the wire while under winding. The precision tension control allows us to insure that we do not stretch or harm the crystalline structure of the copper cells within the wire. Every single coil is exactly the same due our precise layering control and hysteresis tension. Most of our competitors are winding with old hand winders with mechanical tension, which causes the tension to change due to heat and friction during the winding, causing the crystalline structure of the copper to break which in turns can color the sound and cause unstable inconsistent coils.

So if you are looking for the best coils on the planet look no further than ERSE’s “Q” series of coils.
  SuperQ - Premium Magnetic Core
Xtreme Quality Laminated "H" Core Coils
  FoilQ - Copper Foil Coil
Premium Audio Copper Foil Coils with Zero Distortion
  XQ - Perfect Lay Air Core
Perfect Lay Hexagonal Wound Air Core Coils
  EQ - Perfect Lay Air Core
Perfect Lay Chemically "Wet" Wound Air Core Coils
  IXQ - Laminated Steel Core
Xtreme Quality Laminated "I" Core Coils
  IQ - Laminated Steel Core
Laminated "I" Core Coils
  ALQ - Air Core Bobbin Coil
Bobbin Wound Air Core Coils